Saturday, November 29, 2008

Leaking lamas

i encountered a situation i was entirely unprepared for last night. on tuesday i interviewed Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, a buddhist lama and the third incarnation of the founder of his tradition. it was a great interview - he told me about the illusory nature of reality while wandering around a noisy market in marrakech, morocco. (you can read it here)

so i go to see him at the dal sub last night. he arrives to big-time applause and speaks for 2 hours on illusion, bordos, reality and how to use buddhism to stay sane. as he exits the stage, the 400-person audience rises to its feet in respect. i bolt out the back door and dash for the toilet.

rinpoche is standing at the urinal, having a leak. all of his saffron and purple robes flow around his short, stocky form as he does his business. are monk robes prepared for this sort of situation? i wasn't. i ran away and hid in the stall.


  1. Cool... to connect another dot.. clue to this that I previously came to - go over here to see this: