Thursday, December 4, 2008

Carsharing, tweeting and explosions

at an 'unpress conference' off spring garden road this morning (at 8:45am!!!!) carshare hfx made its long-awaited debut. it seems like a pretty cool idea - for a couple of hundred dollars a year, you get access to their fleet of cars for an hourly rate ($10 or less, depending on the time).

it beats paying hundreds a month just to park your car in the driveway. i think i'll keep my yaris for now, but let the economic downturn evaporate a few more of my freelance clients and i might just trade it in - it's cheaper, and you're not locked into a vehicle for years. check out their website at

i didn't work out what the un part of the unpress conference was, but i suspect it was something to do with giles crouch. he works for mediabadger and was doing the web pr for carshare. he told me about a method his company is using to monitor twitter, the semi-blog, semi-facebook social-networking site. he was following the tweets on the political debacle in ottawa and charting reaction to it. 64% of tweets were for a coalition he said. he can chart how popular a topic is, and how people are reacting to it.

i can't believe media aren't using it already - look out for it in the near future.

i've got a story on the halifax explosion going in metro friday and was sitting in a hydrostone cafe chatting to jim simpson, bear biologist and halifax explosion expert. i was telling him about black snow, my explosion novel, when ellen page walked in! i used her as a visual image for evie and have her pencilled in to star in the movie.

i'm taking her sudden appearance as a good sign.


  1. Her appearances are popping up all over Hali! My repeated question of "Are you sure it's not Annette from Carlito's, Ellen Page's look-alike?" has constantly been answered with blank stares and reassurances that the sighting was real.

    So who's playing Tommy?

  2. Super cool and slightly ironic that I'm in NYC and haven't seen a single celeb and you're in North End Halifax and hanging out with Ellen Page. Jealous.