Tuesday, December 16, 2008

come and smell this, duffy

while old peter duffy was gaping at poor people eating in truro, megan shand was cleaning their feet in halifax. the nurse (that's her in darrell oake's photo for the weekly news article i'm writing) started up a clinic at metro turning point to provide the free service for homeless people.

the foot in the photo belongs to robert cross, a friendly, muscle-bound man who had just gotten out of jail. incidentally, he had been in jail with the guy with the black-socks fetish and the faux 'foot massager'. the first guy was jailed for making hundreds of random phone calls to discuss his black socks and for asking strangers to smell his stinky feet. the second guy was locked up for posing as a podiatrist to take advantage of women.

no word on what cross was in for.

anyway, in addition to starting and running the volunteer foot-care clinic with her nurse-friend kate newton, megan volunteers at a church breakfast for the homeless and leads the st paul's fish nights for those on the streets.

what with bush getting the boot on monday (here's the video, in case you've somehow missed it), it's been a great way to kick off the week. the globe had a sensible editorial against the iraqi journo, but i know i've switched to velcro, just in case w returns here before obama takes over.


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