Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Duffy of the Day: 'Some of them aren't lazy louts'

in today's herald, columnist peter duffy discovers poor people, this time lurking in truro:

"Mickey tells me they’re expecting as many as 350 for the roast-beef-and-trifle
Christmas meal. 'Don’t soup kitchens actually encourage poverty?' I challenge. 'You’re discouraging people helping themselves.'
'But Peter,' Roseanne counters, 'some of them don’t have the
capabilities to feed themselves.'
Mickey nods. 'Some of them aren’t lazy louts,' she says. 'They help clean the tables.'
As far as the eye can see, heads are bent over plates and conversation is hushed.
By 12:30, the chairs and tables are being clattered into stacks.
The poor have melted away.
As if they’d never been.
As if I’d never seen them."


  1. i wish he'd really been raped by demons...

  2. hey, he *must* have been raped by demons. i read it in the newspaper.