Monday, December 22, 2008

i've seen the future, baby, and it's obama in halifax

i think psychics are a load of hooey, but i'm willing to pretend otherwise for money, so i found myself getting a reading on 2009 for nova scotia today.

my reader was kelliena, who told me the province's future (for free), and is available to do the same for you for just $80 an hour. flipping cards on the table, she said the economic crisis won't be as bad as we all think, that the province will win big in the fall (what exactly we will win at was not certain) and that a hot new face will arrive on the political scene in march. said face won't take over the province this year, but we will know his name and he'll be the man in 2010.

september will be the month for all of us to swoon under the ballads of romance. a lovestruck nova scotia will have its heart set a-flutter again at the end of the year, when reporters descend on halifax for a major political visitation. after some pondering, she decided this is likely going to be obama paying a presidential visit.

i have friends who have their tarot cards read, and know the process can work if the reader is particularly good at reading people, not so much cards or the future, and that people can find out things about themselves through this light form of counselling. but it's hooey! expensive hooey. the future hasn't happened yet. you can't see it.

how to know if i did the right thing by doing the story anyway? maybe i can follow my reader's website tips...

"Tip #2: One way to speak to a Love one who has past over is to take a dictionary, hold the dictionary &ask a question for your love to answer. Once you feel that your Loved one has heard your question, open the dictionary & read the first word that you see. Remember, fill your heart with love & peace & then ask your question :-)"

the answer is 'dressing room,' apparently.


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