Tuesday, December 9, 2008

talk to your angels for $2 a minute

i woke this morning to demons and angels pressing into the mediaworld, calling up the spectre of peter duffy and the demon rape.

first, jackie torrens interviewed a woman in dartmouth called karen forrest who talks to angels for a living. her site lists her as a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner and most of the media interviews with her quote that, without questioning it, or pointing out that it's nuts. she sits people down and, for $129.95 an hour, tells you what your angels have to say. "Simply put: I communicate messages from angels, spirit guides and God!"

she assures us we each have two angels, who have the ability to follow us around all the time, watch over us, guide us commune with god - but sadly, not the ability to talk. at least not to us - but your certified Angel Therapy Practitioner can hear them and will relay the message. for a fee.

a king's student talked to her last year - read the article here. the first "shocking" part of the session is when forrest says: '"I'm getting a feeling of a word... Investigative, does that mean anything to you?" she asked.'

"This really struck me, as she had no way to know this," our budding journo writes. no way of knowing that a journalism student might like to be thought of as an investigative journalist?? the secrets of nova scotia are safe from this hack, i think.

further mind-blowing revelations: she should 'keep it up' on the health and wellness front.

it's a load of hooey, and torrens had the decency to snicker at her on cbc's information morning, but should such a shyster - even an well-meaning one - get media attention? she's taking money from vulnerable people. what difference does it make if she believes it herself? forrest worked as a psychiatric nurse for 17 years: i'm guessing she's pretty good at guessing the vague general area that might be worrying a customer.

this dredged up memories of last year, when duffy was legendarily raped by a demon. you can read that article here, plus the follow up column, where duffy tries to convince a jesuit priest he really really was raped by a real demon.

the photo is police leading the duffy's demon rapist away, courtesy of journo friends paul mcleod and brent butcher's liberal use of photoshop.


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