Wednesday, December 10, 2008

lego my lego: how toy bricks draw the chicks

i got to play with lego for work today! well, watch somebody else play with lego. novalug is a group of "LEGO-addicted adults who enjoy building with LEGO bricks," according to their website, and they've got a fantastic display on at the maritime museum of the atlantic.

that's owen grace in the pic - he gave me a tour of the 'harbour city.' there are more than 250,000 bricks there and it takes about 40 hours to build one house. there are dozens of houses: my internal calculator puffed out smoke at that point.

and why does he do it? 'for the women,' he said, dead serious. he admitted that in high school, his love for lego didn't lead to the need for a plastic playboy mansion, but he assured me that having a playful passion for something that wasn't booze or sports did him just fine in his 20s. he later asked me not to write that in the article i'm doing for the weekly news, as he is happily married now.

as i was getting on my bike after the interview, one of the curators stopped to chat. 'he's just a great big kid,' she said of owen.

which made me think: he's a grown-up kid, as opposed to a man who refuses to grow up. think of the movie knocked up: every where you turn, we have these potheaded, porn-addicted, jobless, aimless, passionless morons stumbling through adulthood pretending to be 15. scared of life, scared of women, scared of anything real, they are paralyzed in puberty. owen, on the other hand, is fully grown up - he has a real job and a real wife - but he's still got that childlike love of play.

none of us play enough. play gets turned into the arts when you grow up - professional painters, writers, sculptors, etc. the rest of us get cut off. that's silly: write a book that no one reads, just for fun.

or build a lego eiffel tower.


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