Friday, December 5, 2008

need a clock made from recycled bike parts?

greenwashing is when unscrupulous entities hoodwink us consumers into thinking we're buying eco-friendly stuff, and that's what i spent most of today writing about. it's for an article in halifax magazine.

i interviewed gordon stevens, president of the uncommon group, about carbonstok, his newish store on barrington street. if you're stuck on your christmas list, go there. they've got old records turned into dip platters, a funky small projection clock that shoots a classic, train-station clock on the wall and, yep, a clock made out of recycled bike parts. they've got lots of one-off stuff and most of it leans toward a "light green" on the eco-scale.

my explosion article ran in metro today. the editor kindly allowed me a shameless self-promotion plug at the end, and ryan took a great shot of jim simpson climbing the hill. did i mention what jim's business card says? it says 'wildlife bear researcher'.

and i thought i had the coolest job in halifax.

it's friday! have a laugh at a disaster that struck toronto on this rick mercer clip.


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