Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Point Pleasant goes interactive, as do foul-mouthed park users

point pleasant park is going all high-tech, with a series of 'tour site' signs linked to a website, maps and (eventually) podcasts. i got a guided tour of the park this morning from nicole may, the very nice woman in charge of the plan. (jessie came too, and is well exhausted now). it's for a weekly news article next week.

it sounds pretty cool. you know that gazebo on the corner where the park bends around to the northwest arm? it's a buried battery! it's called the northwest arm battery, and there's another buried one called chain rock battery at the arm end of tower hill road.

i knew the flat, open area with steps leading down to it a little further along once ran a ferry across the arm, but i didn't know that raised platform with benches is in fact the foundation for a private home that stood there until maybe the 1970s.

i also didn't know how horrible people are. nicole uses the park as her main office and can often be spotted wandering around with a notepad, checking that things are going according to plan. two women stopped her recently and asked if she was responsible for the new street signs. she said she was.

'they are fu----- ugly,' they informed her. 'everyone hates them.'

classy! and wrong: i like them. they stand out today because they're brand new, but in a few years they'll just blend in. so f--- off, unhappy walkers! and be nice to nicole. she's trying to make the park prettier.


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