Monday, December 15, 2008

sexy grannies and bjs

why do hollywood movie makers think sexually active grandmothers are such a sure-fire laugh? 1 of the christmases in the new movie 4 christmases lowers its mistletoe into a cougars' lair. most courgarish of all is 'gram gram,' played with little dignity by jeanette miller (on the far left of the photo). gram gram (reese witherspoon's character's grandmother) is asked what she wants to give more of in the future, and she responds that she wants to pleasure her (equally old) husband more often.

start laughing! but there's a nasty, hostile edge to the laughter. it feels like we are being asked to join the producers in shaming any post-reproductive age woman who enjoys sex. comedy is a funny thing: it's often just people saying cruel things while going 'hahaha,' which is supposed to grant the joker immunity. another woman were are asked to circle round and laugh at is the redneck wife of a brother of vince vaughn's character. the main terrible thing she seems to have done is to have a lot of children and be pregnant and poor.

remember: you can't spell hatred without the ha!

on another note, i was blocked from the internet at my office job today for accessing inappropriate websites. i was baffled, until a coworker tipped me off that the nova scotia business journal is among the automatically banned sites because it has a 'bj' in the tagline.


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