Monday, December 29, 2008

why corpses are important

if you get a chance to go to an autopsy, i think you should go. most of us know more about the workings of our car or computer than we do about ourselves. i, for instance, have no idea where my kidney is, and only foggy ideas about what it does for a living.

i haven't been to an autopsy, but am writing a story about an autopsy practitioner and, with any luck, that will include a little job shadowing in the shadows of the morgue. morbid! you say. well, yes, in the sense that it's to do with dying, but not in the sense that it's diseased. i think it's healthy to have a peek inside the ol' body. i'll tell you if i feel the same after (if) i see an actual cadaver cut open (and i promise to leave the junior mints at home).

it's for metro canada's workology section; the theme this month is people who work with death. next month is love! i'm busy dreaming up people i could talk to about that. it could come in handy for the developments of my novel blue. the main character continued his late-life sexual awakening as he commenced his don juandering phase today. fun writing!

i'm also giving black snow one last read before it heads to the printers in february. the more i read it, and the longer it's been since i wrote it (8 months now), the more detached i become from it. perhaps this is what it feels like when your baby grows up and is ready to head out into the world by itself...

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  1. Regarding Black Snow, As soon as you started Blue you left Black Snow behind you. I notice this a lot when I have gone to author readings and you don't really see any excitement until they start to talk a little about the one they are writing. You don't see any of that talking about the one they have finished ;-)