Saturday, January 17, 2009

courting the marriotts

i found myself playing court reporter friday to cover the marriott case: 15 members of one of halifax's two rival drug gangs slowly moving through the court after thursday's big bust.

the courtroom on spring garden is not a gigantic space, and all of us journos were wedged into the front row. i was squeezed in between the ctv and global reporters; when the judge came in, we had to carefully rise as one, and then slowly lower ourselves back down in a choreographed motion, so no one got squished. the tension of being pressed against rick grant was alleviated somewhat by the accidental mild high i was getting after Hour 3. about 30 marriott fans had filled the rest of the court room and pot perfume was clearly the most popular scent. seeing as the case was about a drug bust, you had to admire their gumption.

further gumption was (allegedly) displayed thursday, when one of the accused slipped $35 out of a reporter's purse. stealing in court shows an impressive dedication to your career path, i think. the crook went a little too far though when he knicked a court sheriff's kit bag. he also later violated his house arrest conditions, and when the cops came to him on that, they found the kit bag.

most of the marriott accused seemed bored, or just annoyed to find themselves in court. at one point, we had a husband and wife, plus the man's son, all sitting together as the judge judged them. they were pretty composed, which was a helluva long way from the first bad guy of the day.

a rumour swept through the tiny, tiny media room in the courthouse in the morning than an underage accused was about to appear in youth court, so we all galloped thataway. turns out it was an unrelated case, but good lord. we could hear the 15-year-old wailing as he climbed the stairs and he kept right on wailing as his lawyers and the judge discussed his near future. i have no idea what he was supposed to have done, or what had been done to him, but when he found out he was going back to waterville for the weekend, he just about collapsed, he was crying and shaking so bad.

his mom was there and as he was lead out, he cried out to her and reached for her. normally, the sheriffs would have batted his arm back, but they let him stick it out. his mother told him he would be fine. but she didn't reach her hand out. in the end, he just dropped his, wailed a little louder, and followed the sheriffs back down to the cells.

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  1. As much as I'm looking forward to reading your Metro article about the Marriotts, I want to know more about the 15-year-old!