Wednesday, January 14, 2009

sex, followed by marriage, followed by women leaving

it was a full-on day here at jon tattrie ink, working on stories from sex to weddings to women leaving, all for you, dear reader.

i've been dreaming up a way to get into the everything to do with sex show coming to halifax on jan 23-25 since i heard about it a few weeks ago and finally got my press-cuse today - i'm doing a workology article on it for metro canada. after january's 'curtain call' death theme, we're doing love for valentine's month, and i'm going to the show to talk to people who provide marital aids to couples needing a little reloving in their relationship.

they still call them marital aids, right?

the wedding story is about brides getting the financial blues about expensive ceremonies in poor times. my mind remains boggled by the $100-per-guest rate that is standard, meaning the average 150-person wedding costs $15,000. if the recession kills that trend, then yehaw recession.

the tv show the week the women went filmed its season 2 in tatamagouche and i'm doing a t-up for metro canada. the pr woman informed me that tatamagouche is a trendy tourist spot, which was news to me.

she also produced the PR Moment of the Week: noting my last name, and noting that tatamagouche is lousy with tattries, she asked if i'd ever researched the family name; she also works for, and could easily arrange for that to happen. well played. i'm watching the first episode tonight, but i promise not to ruin it.

i also interviewed stephen green, a 22-year-old guy who rushed home from alberta at the end of last year when he was diagnosed with a bad form of cancer. he came home to nova scotia for treatment and familial support (as did his girlfriend). a friend of the family started putting together a fundraiser for him, and the thing has spiralled into a star-studded event at the forum featuring jordan croucher, chad hatcher, a magician, a fire-breather, and so on. you can find out more at the facebook group.


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