Monday, January 19, 2009

marky mark and the monkey bunch

i watched the remake of planet of the apes on the weekend. i have nothing more to say on that, really, just that i was sore i wasn't a copy editor when the movie came out, and was thus deprived the chance to write that headline.

onto world religion day, which was great fun apart from the elderly woman getting mugged in all saints cathedral, and a lovely bit of interaction i had with The Reader.

jude billard of dartmouth took the time to write this letter in metro today. at first i was pleased that after reading her first edition of metro, she felt so moved by what i had written that she wrote to the editor. then i saw she was 'quite insulted by the article by Jon Tattrie entitled 'Getting Wed without the Red'.

turns out The Reader found 'rule of thumb' grossly offensive, based on the old tale that it means it's legally ok to beat your wife with a stick, so long as it's thinner than your thumb. any time i can help get word history in the paper, i'm happy.

personally, i was more struck by the winchester woman's line that 'the brides are out in force'. she was stressed, and one of those interviews who 'doesn't want to comment,' then proceeds to comment on what exactly it is she doesn't want to comment on.

i went to world religion day for the herald. held sunday at all saints downtown, it was good fun - a mix of gospel singing, dance, folk music, etc. the baha'is put in on around the world (and local baha'is organized this event). a christian group read jesus' good samaritan fable, and acted it out. a churning of dread corroded my stomach as the little old lady wandered down the central aisle of the cavernous cathedral. i knew how this story ends and when got to the bit where she falls into the hands of robbers, i covered my eyes (but peeked). a gang of young christian hoodlums beset her and, with acting worthy of kevin costner, pummeled the old dear until disappeared beneath a crowd of giggling boys.


the problem with that parable is that none of us really has it in for the samaritans any more. so if jesus was a haligonian, who would he use to illustrate the awful samaritan? dartmouthians? sackvillans?

send your suggestions on a postcard.


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