Saturday, January 31, 2009

stop: collaborate and listen

i stopped by the seahorse thursday night for dancing on the head of a pin, kinetic studio's annual show. the dingy, low-ceiled, small-staged pub may not seem the ideal location for dancing, but it worked perfectly. hosted by cory bowles (formerly of the trailer park boys), the dances moved from a dark, suicidal take on a johnny cash song to a hilarious, drunken bridesmaid's entirely wrong piece to toast her friend.

the last was by rachel franco - you can see another of her dances here. bask in the beauty of the poet's words, followed by one of the most wondrously ridiculous dances i've ever seen. five points if you can name the author.

i also interviewed rob thacker for metro ahead of friday's big bang lecture. thacker, an astrophysicist, will condense the 13.7 billion year history of the universe into 50 minutes. i got a preview of the talk, along with some super cool videos and astrophysicist jokes.

this one shows what it looks like when galaxies collide. it's very lavalamp and trippy. our milky way is set to crash into the andromeda galaxy in a few billion years, but everything should be okay - thacker said the distance between everything is so vast, it's unlikely our star (or planet) will actually whack into anything else.

this one shows the birth of a galaxy.

for the next video, thacker called up a blank screen. 'it's a real-time evolution of the universe,' he said.

punchline: nothing happens for the next 300 million years!

the talk - and jokes! - is at smu's scotiabank theatre friday at 730pm, followed by an observatory tour.


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