Tuesday, January 20, 2009

obama, me and porn

when my grandchildren ask me where i was when barack obama was sworn in as president of the u.s. and a., i will proudly be able to tell them i was watching porn at neptune.

i like the big O - he seems like a bright, capable guy, but the pan-american carebear self-hug in leaves me a little nauseous. i mean, well done on not electing a moron this time, but what, you want a prize? we are promised eternal peace in this obamanation, wherein even planes falling from the new york skies dare not crack up and kill all onboard, but float serenely down the hudson.

but americans haven't had it so bad under bush. sure, the economy tanked, and they got all het up about political differences, but as the world goes, america remains a silver spoon. whether there will be rejoicing in the graveyards of iraq remains to be seen. america: you're not special. you're just a country like the rest of us. just because you sing 'land of the free and the home of the brave' in a catchy song, it doesn't mean it's true. canada, liechtenstein, south korea: we're all free, and brave, too. we just don't make so many movies about it.

the whole thing reminded me of national masturbation month. (funnily enough, that link is currently running an ad for obama).

but today gives us one more chance to laugh at W. watching that montage, i thought: george bush would be a great uncle. he's funny, goofy, sweet. i mean, look at this clip of the door in china: admire the humour with which he handles his embarrassment. he's no ordinary fool: he's an ingenious idiot.

and no great moment of american history is complete with out a dead kennedy.

meanwhile, i really was watching porn during the inauguration. neptune's new play is norm foster's skin flick and i'm teeing it up for metro and reviewing it for the weeklies. that's actors jamie williams ginette mohr assuming the position in the presser today. they did a scene from it - it looks quite funny. it's about an ordinary, broke couple who make a porn to turn things around. i squeezed as many innuendos into the metro article as i could; let's hope the editors are kind.

i interviewed foster after, and he said he'd written it 18 months ago - long before everyone lost their money. it looks like it'll be worth losing a bit more to go and see this comedy.


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