Tuesday, February 24, 2009

christians praise the lord as atheist bus campaign resurrected

the atheist bus kerfuffle kicked up again today. the head of the free thought association of canada is in halifax for a debate tomorrow night and they held a rally in the parade square at noon, protesting what they call the silencing of free speech. they had photogenically fluorescent duct-tape on their mouths and said metro transit should let them, and religious groups, have their non-offensive say.

at least the ones not duct-taped said that.

lori patterson, the ever-cheery but today weary spokeswoman for metro transit, said once more that they are a bus company, not a public-debate forum, and prayed the whole thing would just go away. ok, she didn't say that last bit, but she did say she, like many others all of a sudden, is watching the supreme court's decision on a similar case in vancouver, involving buses and political ads. so it looks like until that comes down - and i couldn't find out when that will be - they're pressing the pause button.

best of all was david harrison of bus stop bible studies. his group puts christian ads on buses across the country, and was cleared to run ads in halifax.

anyway, he's a great big fan of the atheist bus campaign and wants to see their ads - and his - running on our buses.

"Praise the LORD for allowing the Atheist Bus Campaign!" he said on his blog a few days ago. "I don't think this campaign came from the Mind of God, but I am CERTAIN that He can use it for His Glory. Yesterday the national media picked up the story and our daily web traffic shot up six-fold."

i called him at his toronto office, and he told me:“The atheists have just as much right to state their beliefs. I ask the question, ‘Would God be offended by it?’ Hurt and disappointed, maybe, but offended? I don’t think so."

on his blog, he adds:

"What offends God? The neglect of orphans and widows (James 1:27)."

i started cheering before reading further: "Divorce. Malachi 2:16. Fornication 1 Corinthians 6:9."

as someone who thinks divorce and fornication aren't intrinsically bad things, i disagree with him there, but admire his spirit of tolerance and openness.he's even added an 'atheist visitors welcome page' to his site.

he adds to his list of offensive things:
"Christians who sit at home watching offensive material on their TV’s and computers in the privacy of their homes, yet condemn homosexuals, strippers and prostitutes for their behaviour."


in book news, i was talking to my publisher today, and black snow has rolled off the presses. the presses are in winnipeg but, barring blizzards, it should arrive in halifax in a few weeks. i'm putting together a little trailer movie for it at nscad, and cooking up a few other ideas before setting an april date for the launch.


  1. I'll pray to the LORD that you get your books soon.

    But really, I'd just like to say congratulations -- from me, not from god. :)

  2. This is a tricky one. Does Halifax need to hear the message of Godlessness? If it feels it does, the bus stop bible guy will be the first of many to respond in the most obnoxious and organized ways possible. Like fire ants.

    We've already been identified as potential heathens. - check the map http://www.mbconf.ca/ - community outreach is not something we want.

    We need to play it cool and stay below the radar, make like: we found Jesus years ago and everything's cool... no sin here thank you. Maybe that's the sign that should land on the bus.

  3. Just to confirm... We did receive written approval of our material from Halifax Metro back in 2007. They approved all the samples we sent them.

    David Harrison
    Bus Stop Bible Studies

  4. thanks david - i called it in to the paper, but it was too late to change it there. i have changed it above, though. it will be interesting to see how metro transit handles this - good luck!