Tuesday, February 3, 2009

from knights in satan's service to the atheist bus, via rodney macdonald

kiss is coming! the confused, pubescent boy i was, who loved men in spandex costumes, is rejoicing. i reviewed the wrestler in culture corner this week, provoking memories of the days when my bedroom was covered in photos of muscle-bound men in crazy get-ups, and this morning i went to the kiss press conference for metro; i was super into kiss at the same time as i adored randy 'macho man' savage.

what does that reveal about the human condition, as experienced by a 12-year-old boy?

who can say?

anyway, kiss will rock and roll all night for 40,000 fans on july 18; same weekend as the tall ships. it was the kind of press conference i was glad to be a print journo at. i'm sure harold mackay, the promoter, is a lovely man, but he has the stage charisma of milton from office space. watching him read from the press release about the 'sci-fi kabuli costumes,' i kept worrying someone would knick his stapler.

i also wrote about the atheist bus campain. metro transit rejected the ad (which would read: 'there probably is no god, so stop worrying and enjoy your life') on the grounds that it never runs religious or political ads. and on the grounds of safety - though the spokeswoman didn't explain what exactly they feared would happen, and whether the danger would be divine or human. but the campaigners are pressing on on free speech grounds. they've certainly managed to get heaps of free publicity, anyway.

this is the herald article - i was pleasantly surprised at the tone of the comments.

i just got off the phone with rodney macdonald. it's a strange thing when the premier calls you at home. he was returning my call, of course, about the new world trade and convention centre - it's likely going to be built on the old herald site, rather than in place of the cogswell interchange. the preem thinks that's just ducky, to paraphrase.

meanwhile, in my other life, atlantic books today has agreed to publish an excerpt from black snow in its spring edition. woot! the magazine has a circ of 60,000 and reaches some very influential doorsteps.


  1. sweet! congrats! that's fantastic.

    (all on the topic of your book business, not the rest. although having the premier call you *is* pretty fun.)

  2. Awesome about the book excerpt!! Hooray!