Wednesday, February 4, 2009

global ventures; your bad memory

seeing shouldn't lead to believing, according to veronica stinson, psych prof at smu. i went to a talk she gave monday night about what crappy witnesses humans are. the crowd was almost all silverbacks - what are all the young people up to that they can't learn about life on a monday night? it seems the closer you get to the end of life, the more curious you are about how it works.

“With memory, you don’t simply rewind and press play. It’s much more of a socially constructed process. We might miss something, so we fill in the gap. How do we fill in the gap? According to what our expectations are, our prior experiences and our biases.”

that's what she told me. she added: "We’re terrible at describing people, even people we’ve known our whole lives. If we had to describe them to a facial composite sketch artist, the sketch they would make would hardly resemble the loved one we were describing.”

what our eyes don't see, our brains make up. this is especially likely under hypnosis, which she said is entirely discredited as a method of probing memory. the article is for all 3 editions of the weekly news.


turns out the edition of atlantic books today that is running an excerpt from black snow will be inserted in the globe & mail! sweet. it will be in the march 20 paper.

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  1. March 20 is marked on the calendar!

    And I feel you did the memory story to make yourself feel better, but I often wonder if those CSI episodes would ever seriously get an accurate sketch were it real-life CSI.