Wednesday, February 11, 2009

zuppa stars fleeing hell

zuppa theatre is playing poor boy at neptune's studio theatre, starting this weekend, and i went to the press call this afternoon. in rehearsals a few days ago, star stewart legere broke his leg while jumping down some stairs. he rushed to hospital, got a cast slapped on, and rushed back to rehearsals.

he plays sherman oakes, a supernova of a star exploding after his rock diva girlfriend ella dies. the scene they ran through today was dark and beautiful - a smashed up billy idol fumbling at the piano, trying to find the melody of his melancholy. the stage is superb: broken suitcases, old vinyl records and chandeliers hang like falling stars and the walls are wrapped in rock iconography.

i love the story of orpheus and eurydice, on which the play is based. it's an old greek legend. eurydice dies and winds up in hades. orpheus uses his music to charm his way down to her, and to start charming her to the surface. hades lets her go, so long as orpheus doesn't look back to make sure she's following. at the last second he breaks down, unable to not know if his love is with him, and she is swept back to hell.

it's a darker romeo & juliet. the tragedy of shakespeare's star-crossed lovers is what could have been; with orpheus and eurydice, it's about what was. the tale inspired rushdie's the ground beneath her feet and this little song from nick cave, complete with lovely animations. it also forms background noise in reconstruction, a superb movie.

tickets start at just $15! it's running till march 1.


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