Wednesday, March 25, 2009

laughing through the recession

yesterday's metro brought great relief to all the laid-off and about-to-be-laid off people of canada yesterday with an inspiring article in its 'riding the recession' series headlined: find your niche, experts say.

here is the good news:

"The recession hit just as 51-year-old Calgarian Dale McKenzie retired from a 30-year career in policing. He didn't panic about his investments - he has niche skills that are helping him survive during the recession. He works as a clown named Bumper..."

how long can it be before jim nunn breaks out the big shoes and red nose? with cuts like these at the cbc, not long.

monday's merritt awards were a raucous, wobbly affair. they honour the best theatre in nova scotia and fan-favourite jeremy webb pulled in his first major award - he was named best actor for his portrayal of the 'motiveless malignancy' that is iago in SBTS's othello. you can read my review of the play here.

troy adams, who played othello, was also up for best actor and webb had his speech in his spare pocket, as adams is working out west. he hauled out his own speech and started working through it, pausing briefly after reading aloud: 'Thank other nominees.'

he scratched his head for a moment and got back to the speech.

i interviewed webb today and he assured my his merritt award has occupied a special place in his new north-end halifax apartment: it's sitting atop his toilet.
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