Friday, March 20, 2009

springing spring ahead of the competition

it's always a pleasure to beat the competition to a story and this week i trounced everybody by getting the exclusive break on spring on thursday, a whole day before anyone else. suckas!

ok, weather stories aren't exactly the pinnacle of newspapering, but this one was fun to write. my source, dave phillips of environment canada, clearly loves his job and was huge fun to talk to. C100 picked up on the angle that 19% of our annual snow fall in halifax comes after the first day of spring! and that we have never - ever! - had a snow-free april. and that 3/4s of our mays have snow.

people! the vernal equinox is not ours. life goes easier if you think of this as the warm bit of winter, not the cold shoulder of spring.


i went into the book mark on spring garden road today to see if my books were there. they were! the nice lady behind the counter let me sign them, and then put a big happy sticker on them to that effect. i feel i have crossed a fundamental line, one that cannot be uncrossed. i used to find it hard to write in books - to do so in public seems dangerously exhibitionist.


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