Saturday, March 14, 2009

when metro transit drivers attack, and other saturday adventures

i started the day in the trenches of 1917 belgium, hanging out with a rotting corpse and plotting my escape during the great war. well, ok, in the trenches of point pleasant park, which were doubling as war-hit europe for the second day of filming on the little movie i'm putting together for the black snow show. launch day has been set! it's april 21, 5:30pm at the company house (2202 gottingen street) - check out the facebook event "Black Snow - and Booze!" for up-to-date information.

the shooting went well, with my friend and fellow blogger heart mother manning the video camera. it's a scene from the middle of the novel, when tommy does a corpse-collection run during a lull in fighting. he gets to the body of his friend austin, but then fighting breaks out and he gets stuck in a muddy shell-hole with the decomposing body for a week, until the guns take a break. it's low on special effects and high on enthusiasm.

after that i raced across town to watch the st patrick's day parade for metro. the day itself isn't till tuesday, but the parade was today, from the hydrostone to st patrick's church. such perennial events are hard to write about, as it's pretty much the same story every year, but i got a break when i met a happy couple who had just gotten married in st pats and were leaving the church just as the parade arrived. they greatly pleased the tabloid journalist in me by announcing that they are flying to ireland tonight for their honeymoon.

i sped from there to the main gates of the public gardens next for a noon protest against seal hunting, which is when the bus driver struck. i missed the actual event, but global filmed it and i got the story from several witnesses. the driver apparently passed the protest - about 25 people, with gruesome posters and a stuffed seal with its head bludgeoned in - but then couldn't resist joining in as he went by a second time. he parked his bus full of people at the south park/spring garden stop, jumped out, ran across the street, picked up an implement of some kind and began whaling away on the stuffed animal.

this comes less than a week after another (presumably it wasn't the same guy!) driver tried to kick a muslim woman off his bus for wearing a niqab. just a few weeks ago another story ran about a bus driver pushing parked cars out of his way. what's going on?! can we trust our trusty transit drivers, or is the expression 'going postal' about to be replaced by 'going metro'?

from there i headed south to a march decrying the 'genocide' by the sri lankan government against the tamils. colombo has been fighting the well-armed tamil tiger rebels for decades and this group of sri lankan-canadians says it's now using 'war on terror' propaganda to slaughter ordinary citizens in the south asian country.

incidentally, sri lanka was called 'serendip' by arab geographers and 'ceylon' by the british. huh.

now i'm typing it all up and then heading out to see ubuntu, neptune studio's new south-african-canadian collaboration, for my weekly news column.


  1. lol for the record (on the bus driver with the seal) he wasn't angry :p he was joking around. It's just who he is... we're all shaking our head at him now for not thinking before he fooled around. lol

    I don't know about the other bus driver though, don't know that one personally lol.

  2. If you know the driver from the Saturday incident you know he was joking.. The other 3 issues were from 3rd parties which the paper and the news should not have even printed or reported. Now the drivers are under scrutiny more than before. Stop the crap!!

  3. Your pace is like the devil man... fast, furiously impossible to keep up ... your brain appears to be in stimulus overdrive with a very large sparking upper section - just brilliant... and please keep the enlightening posts and entertainment coming! Ignore the cranks.. I don't do the Facebook or Twitter anymore but will follow - I'm a fan... hope to catch up with you at the IYA for that book sign too... Cheers, Sally (0:

  4. I want to thank you for referring 4 people over to my blog with your link (as of 6:09pm, March 18) - The favour will be returned.

    Plastic seals!