Wednesday, April 1, 2009

happy international pooper scooper week!

it's international pooper scooper week! to celebrate, i spent the day on the phone with a man who turns turds into money.

amazingly, i had pitched the story to metro canada before discovering that it's international pooper scooper week. the workology section is focusing on the pet industry next month and i snagged the scoopers, along with police dogs and reptile pet shops.

turns out poop scoopers are some of the happiest workers in the world. alain gauthier at poop patrol in toronto waxed elegantly about the joys of doggy do.

"You need to be an outdoors person. (You have to like) the birds, the foxes, the rabbits; the nature around you. If you’d prefer to be in a cubicle, it’s definitely not for you,” the philosopher-scooper told me. i caught him on his cell phone as he wandered around a backyard in the t-dot, searching for poo. his business grew so big he didn't have to do the dirty work himself, but he missed it. "It’s a great time to zone out, do the work and think and dream."

i talked to mic melanson in halifax. he recently packed in a good career with purolator to move from deliveries into collections. he loves those special little packages. he told me about one unpleasant scene he was called to: a woman with 5 dogs had let them fill up the backyard toilet with eight inches of crap.

“I was there for about three hours,” Melanson told me. “Other people see poop; I see money.”
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