Wednesday, April 8, 2009

my inner girl is swooning

if i was a 40-year-old woman, today would have been the best day of my life. i interviewed carlos marin of il divo and then met justin trudeau.

i reached marin in switzerland, where il divo had just arrived after playing in marin's hometown, barcelona. recently divorced, rich, talented and handsome, he sounds like a very happy man. this times article captures il divo delightfully.

marin couldn't stop talking about knickers. he once said he liked tom jones: “Not only because he has such an amazing voice, it was also because he was receiving all the knickers and bras on stage."

since then, it's been a panty-avalanche.

“We have a huge room with a lot of knickers everywhere!” he laughed. “We had a really huge one in Barcelona. They wrote down, ‘We love you Carlos.’”
"when you are in this kind of band and you are single, you can enjoy the life in another way then you can do when you are married.” He pauses. “You know what I mean with that?”
To avoid any confusion, he elaborates: “How the people see us is how we are. Obviously, my Latin lover role is not that I play the Latin lover, it’s just because I love women. It’s just me since I was a child.”

trudeau was in town for a provincial liberal fundraiser and stopped by auburn high school. he's a great speaker - taking in the teens' idealistic concerns and mixing it with the real world.

when he asked for questions, everyone went silent. someone threw out, what's the meaning of life? instead of laughing it off, he took it seriously and gave a fairly thoughtful answer about what gives meaning to lives and how we can find our role. he got loud applause. when these kids come into their voting prime in 10 years, it'll be just around the same time as trudeau will likely make a bid to become prime minister, and he's the man they'll know and trust.
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