Thursday, May 7, 2009

maggie's getting married!

the bedford players are playing with norm foster one last time this weekend, finishing off their run of the funny play, maggie's getting married. the comic-drama is set in the duncan kitchen as maggie (rachel franco) prepares to marry her new beau russell (curtis skinner) while her big sister wanda (jill curley) tries desperately not to sleep with him.

wandering into this domestic stress is axel (rafael ziah franco), wanda's current fellow, along with mrs and mr ducan (bonnie matthews and michael taylor).

foster delivers a steady stream of chuckles, mixed in with a dose of belly laughs, just like he does in skin flick. the players have a great set and the cast takes the jokes, sets 'em up and knocks 'em down, and i'm not just saying that because raf and rachel are good, talented friends sadly departing hali for toronto.

check out their last performance in halifax this weekend!


i watched che part 2 at the ox last night. it was, inevitably, a darker, sadder tale than part 1 - instead of glorious victoria in havana, we have devastating defeat in bolivia. guevara was an internationalist, believing that the oppressed of the world were his to liberate. he argued that a peaceful, diplomatic revolution must be accompanied by an armed struggle to seize power.

contrast that to today: westerners are dimly aware that life is rotten for people elsewhere, and that something ought to be done - look at darfur, or afghanistan. but where guevara put his faith in the people of those countries to rise up and throw off their oppressors, we pester our governments to pressure their governments to do something about it. this used to be called the white man's burden. in it, africa and other foreign lands are a weeping widow clutching a malnourished baby. she is unable to defend herself from the machete-wielding male; she needs us to do it for her.

is this progress?

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  1. Jon - You've got stamina... but your punctuation needs work. Enjoyed the "Black Snow" novel... it had a "Jack Bauer" pace to it.. and I will look forward to your next book was it "Limerance"? Cheers from Bedford!