Friday, July 3, 2009

me in the mall, and sir paul

i had my first cold book signing in scotia square today: no publicity, no dependable family and friend contingent, just me and the uncaring world.

things started off disastrously: an elderly lady wandered over minutes after i set up at a table in the busy smithbooks and picked up a copy of black snow.

'so what's it about?' she asked, reading the back cover.

smelling a sale, i launched into a passionate description of tommy and evie and the halifax explosion.

'they'll never let it die!' she complained, tossing the book back on the desk. 'just what we need: more doom and gloom,' she muttered as she walked away.

at least it set a nice, low baseline, so things could only improve from there. many people stopped for a chat - including lots of friends, which makes me think plonking down in the city centre is a fairly pleasant way to spend a foggy day. i even sold a few books.

one of the friends i ran into is a superb communications guru in the city who happens to be helping promote the paul mccartney show. that advanced a pleasant chain of events that landed me media accreditation for his big show next week. now, if only i can get a copy of black snow in his hands to entertain him on the flight to new york...
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