Friday, July 3, 2009

tattoo! plus: darrell dexter on michael jackson

i've got all of my lights and lamps turned on, the curtains wide open and am wearing the brightest t-shirt i own.

we will survive this summer, haligonians. the sun is here. we just have to believe in it, and it will appear.

here's another way to brighten your day: check out the tattoo! it's in hali till july 7. how often do you get to feel like a 3-world dictator reviewing his troops? this is your big chance! tickets start at $31: you get 1000s of marching, singing, dancing army types shaking everything they've got for more than three hours!!


for that price, you could only buy 1/4 of paul mccartney. what's more entertaining: 1/4 of a 1/4 of the beatles, or enough soldiers to invade england?

sadly, the gun run so well remembered from my childhood is gone, but there is a great obstacle race between army and navy, and a speed drill to take apart and put back together a jeep.

and then some marching!

and then: more marching!

and then: hamburg and paris show you what their criminals have to face on a daily basis. apparently hard hit by the recession, the germans could only bring a few motorbikes with them, but they bravely carry on, stacking up to 8 cops on one bike, and zipping around the metro centre on one or fewer wheels. the parisians go for skin-tight spandex, bars and gymnastics. it's an eye-popping spectacle.

and then: more marching! with drums and fifes!

ps: guess who once did the gun run? our very own preem, darrell dexter. and while we're on the subject of dd, check out 'Sackville Bans Michael Jackson: He's Too Sexy For Us!'

it's from the bedford-sackville news - that's the paper that became the halifax daily news, which in turn became the bedford-sackville weekly news - and written by our beloved dd!

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