Friday, August 7, 2009

87 draws 30,000

sydney crosbypalooze broke out in cole harbour today, with 10s of thousands of fanatics packing the streets for a glimpse of the winner of a hockey trophy.

ok, i was a little underwhelmed - sports aren't really my thing - but i do love to be in the middle of a psyched-up crowd on a sunny day. i was doing colour for the weekly news and my main focus was getting a picture of the pipe band that was piping crosby into the stage at the end of the parade route. that involved planting myself at the entrance to cole harbour place, which meant when the parade passed by, there would be thousands of people between me and my next destination, the stage, and the risk that crosby would run me down in his vintage fire engine.


i got some great shots of the band. this is not one of them.

just when i was plotting my route to the stage, a pick-up truck passed by at the head of the motorized section of the parade. a few familiar photogs were in the back and the owner didn't seem to mind when i hoped on board, which is where i got a nice shot of crosby and the cup, and a sweet ride directly backstage.

it was a little odd back there - 30,000 or 40,000 fans out front were going mad over a highlight reel of sid the kid while the kid hung out, looking a little bored. that's him with the cup.

and then there was this sad lesson about being No. 2: it's the prince of wales trophy, which the penguins won for taking the eastern conference. the poor thing just sat there, unloved.

below is the kid popping out on stage between his colour guard.
also backstage was julian! from the trailer park boys. what with the thrill of a lifetime of meeting jonathan torrents earlier this year, i'm having a sunny sunnyvale kind of year.

though i may have accidentally called him julian in all the hubub. and his name is really john paul tremblay. still.
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