Friday, August 14, 2009

the internet: in case you missed it (dramatic hamster edition)

hi readers!

the internet is a big place and life is busy. sometimes, you miss things. but don't worry! the internet is only ten years old - there's time to catch up, and i'm here to help you.

today, i bring you the dramatic hamster. clear your work schedule. if you haven't seen this past web craze, you will be under his hypnotic spell for the rest of the day.


here he is.

here he is with a lightsabre.

here he is as bond.

now, as kill bill.

this one's just plain scary: he's dr. evil. to recover, enjoy this romantic take.

and now that you have been softened up, here he is in a tribute to michael jackson. oh yes.

what is that hamster thinking? is he even a hamster? what caused him to turn so dramatically and spin his way to web fame?

japenese school children, of course.

so, that's the internet, in case you missed it.


meanwhile, i've gotten to write a couple of great articles lately. i stopped by the africville reunion a couple of weeks ago and met up with eddie carvery. he's a very interesting man - he's the fellow who's been camped at africville in protest for years. i had a blast talking to him and am hoping a bigger project will come out of it eventually...

also, mi'kmaq historian dan paul made the contentious suggestion that the halifax cornwallis statue be torn town and replaced with one for donald marshall.

i was puzzled by the ndp reaction - they said no, as they're committed to "trying to move forward as a diverse society in the province.”

uh... what? by preserving a statue to a genocidal dimwit who only came to halifax because he was ordered to and who left as soon as he could?
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