Sunday, August 30, 2009

twitching at keji seaside

RW 10 is in the herald today - hunting for the elusive piping plover at keji seaside. if you haven't been, i recommend it - keji seaside is smaller than the main keji, but has a charm, and few people. it was a fine, hot day when i went, but we barely saw anyone else. nearby thomas raddall park is a great spot for camping, and comes with a massive, unpopulated beach - only a couple of hours from halifax.

i don't usually plug restaurants, but the nearby quarterdeck is a treasure. the deck of the restaurant is on stilts jutting out over summerville beach. fresh ocean air drifts in through the windows and the view is sandy, wavy paradise.

i do love my foreign travel, but sticking in ns this year has opened my eyes to the benefits of local exploration. this province is not what you think - forget about the bagpipes, kilts and fishermen, and you'll be surprised at what's really there. plus, you can get to anywhere from anywhere in a day. starting in halifax, nothing is much more than 5 hours away - no lining up in airports, no passports, no cramped rides on planes, just a quick drive and the adventure begins.

next week's the last column - a mi'kmaq sweat lodge. it was an extraordinary experience, deeply moving. the words are starting to flow...

ps: twitching is one of my favourite britishisms. it's what they call the hobby of travelling great distances just to see a bird you haven't seen before.
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