Friday, September 4, 2009

sinning at the shoe shop; duffy embroiled in another probing

sins is back in nova scotia, messing with people's minds at the economy shoe shop. the 'sometimes in nova scotia' dancers turn a drunken, fightin' night out into art with CHUG at the shoe this weekend.

the three dancers interrupt an ordinary night out at the bar, strolling in and giving a 30-minute short story on three ladies who arrive looking for a good time and end up starting a bar-room brawl that culminates in a ferocious arm wrestle.

it's in the atrium at the back, and at least one couple last night didn't come for the show. he opted for the 'just pretend this isn't happening' approach, drinking his beer and refusing to make eye contact with the dancers, while she smiled and got into the show, even when her splash seat got sprinkled when susanne doused jacinte with a not-quite-empty glass.

first date or last date? you decide.

it's a lot of fun and seating is very limited, so arrive early.

segue of the the week: trailer-park-boy-and-dancer cory bowles helped put together the sins show. i interviewed j-roc this week for my CC on the film festival.


meanwhile, in case you missed it, our hero duffy is back, this time talking for mayor peter kelly. how does the herald feel about its ex hack? going by the headline on that piece, and this follow up, it doesn't look like duffy has fans at the old gray lady.

hats off to the copy editor who managed to get 'probes' in a headline about The Man Who Was Raped By A Demon.

tim bousquet at the coast has a funny take on it here.
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