Wednesday, October 14, 2009

a beautiful view, and an ugly view

i was back at neptune yesterday to t-up a beautiful view, the new daniel mcivor play starting this week. i asked actress jackie torrens (that's ryan taplin's pic of her on the right) if it was a brokeback mountain for ladies - she laughed, and then pulverized me with a superserious stare. yes, it stars two women exploring their 20-year relationship, she told me, but mcivor captures the 'female' voice because he goes deeper than that to capture the human voice. it's a play about abandoning labels, so labelling it 'brokeback mountain for ladies' is not helpful. torrens, who's an actress, writer and comedian, amongst other callings, likewise rejects labels for herself. i suggested calling her 'halifax funster jackie torrens,' but she didn't bite.

she also had lots of interesting things to say about television, which is all about money, vs the 'unimportant' arts such as theatre and novels. she added air quotes around unimportant when i whimpered, and she recalled that i belong squarely to the unimportant arts. the play looks great (i'm going friday and will review after that), as does her new tv show, tv with tv's jonathan torrens. and i'm not just saying that because my fiancee wrote and researched for the show. or because i think oh sherry is the greatest love song of all time.

you can read the article here.

i've also got a front-page story on poverty in hrm. it's the first in a three-parter, and metros across canada are doing the same thing in each market. i accumulated a huge amount of information - poverty, homelessness and what to do about it are not tiny topics - and then had to haiku it down to 300 words. part 2 runs tomorrow, and the 3rd one friday.
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