Friday, October 16, 2009

players and slayers: fun things to do in halifax

i had a fun Weekly week this week, interviewing a new sackville author and catching up with the ghosts of msvu.

the author, devon parson, has a funny/helpful book on turning from a ladies' man to a lady's man. you can check out the article here, and if you're bored for 3 minutes today, watch his promo video here it's pretty funny. devon wrote and published the book himself, and it's a slick operation.

meanwhile, next friday is zombie night at mount saint vincent university, when they turned one of their buildings into a freaky ghost house. last year was a lot of fun, and this year looks good, too.

it's also nocturne this weekend. it was freezing cold last year, and promises to be more of the same saturday night. would it kill them to move it to august?

happy weekend!
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