Friday, December 18, 2009

another happy divorcee!

Back in the main lobby, Dave flopped down on a bench, sighing heavily. The woman on the next bench smiled, trying to catch his eye. With short grey hair and a festive sweater, she was in a very good mood and looking to share her Christmas cheer.
Dave wasn’t sure he could handle another happy story.
He cheered up when Carol told him her husband had boogied off with a much-younger salsa dancer. He was rapt when she told him they’d gotten divorced. When she added that she’d lost her job, Dave was hooked.
What’s a girl to do? After her husband did the cha-cha with the salsa dancer, Carol went back to Nova Scotia, bought an old house on the south shore and became a full-time potter in a studio overlooking the water.
“It’s a lot more fun than doing finances for government,” she told Dave. “At the time, the divorce was devastating, but at this point I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my whole life.”
“Where are you going today?” he asked.
Toronto, then Ottawa, to visit her first grandchild. This was her fifth trip to see Violet in her 11 months on Earth.
“I found out a few days ago that I may be at a convention that my ex and his second wife will be at. I went back to re-assess my wardrobe decisions,” she confessed.
Dave suspected she was also looking forward to the chance to show her ex just what he’d lost.
“I live surrounded by beauty. I’ve got a great house, a ton of friends,” she said smiled.
Lately, she’s been expanding her job to take in long walks on the beach, experimenting with smoke-fired tiles on campfires.
Her renovated life couldn’t be better, she smiled as she headed off to catch her flight.
To his great surprise, Dave was cheered.
It was nice to know the black hole of pain could be escaped. The event horizon didn’t destroy everything.
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