Wednesday, December 9, 2009

christmas at the airport

where better to spend christmas than at the airport? a few months ago, i had an idea to spend christmas - or the busy weekend just before christmas - sitting in the airport writing a story that would weave together fiction and fact, in the form of gathered stories from passengers passing through.

halifax's stanfield international loved the idea, and so i'll spend friday dec 18 and most of saturday dec 19 sitting in the airport, typing away, with a big monitor projecting my words in real-time.

you can read about it in this article in today's herald.

i spent most of my 20s in europe, which means i spent a lot of time in airports. london, cairo or havana, they have an amnesiac samness, a landless, timeless place where we all stumble down the rabbit hole into kafka's castle, to mix my literary allusions.

every time i've been in an airport, i've been sadly leaving one life, or excitedly arriving in a new one. so what would it be like to just be in an airport? not coming nor going, but firmly staying put?

the other part i'm excited about is weaving the travellers' tales together. i've always been fascinated by the ballet of motion in airports - the waving wands in security, the rushing businesspeople in suits and wheeled-suitcases, the fatigued mothers corralling children across the tarmac. all these people, all these lives, passing silently by each other. what would it sound like if they could talk to each other?

hopefully, i'll find out next weekend.

and ps - congratulations to the herald editor who came up with that headline. nicely done.
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