Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ready for take off

i went out to the airport today to do a tech run for xmas at the airport. the monitor - a big tv - is set up in the main lobby, mercifully close to the tim hortons. it's a great spot - close enough to the action that i'll have plenty to write about, but tucked away enough that i can focus on the writing. hopefully.

i also shot a piece for global tv, which should air tonight. i did a piece with cbc news network yesterday, which is set to air on the 24-hour news station throughout tomorrow.

meanwhile, i'm chomping at the bit to go! or is that gnawing anxiously? appropriately enough, i have the same stirring restlessness that i get before a big trip. it's a mix of excitement for the coming adventure and apprehension about leaving a comfort zone for the unknown.

i won't have time to fret tomorrow, as i'm off to parrsboro for a full day of WITS - writers in the schools. i'm looking forward to the long drive - when i hit the road for a 2.5-hour trip like this, i often remind myself that many unfortunate people have that long a commute every day. it makes my 2-second morning commute from my bed to my office all the more lovely.

just to add to the fun, i'm also moving this weekend. but at least i've still got several more weeks until christmas, right?
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