Wednesday, March 24, 2010

franked and tv'd

i guess i've officially made it as a journalist in halifax: after 3.5 years of toiling in obscurity, i was finally franked this week. a front-page franking no less! okay, the article was mostly taking potshots at 7 virtues entrepreneur barb stegemann over this 'super-smelly' article i wrote about her new perfume in metro canada.

on the plus side, frank backs me to win a prestigious atlantic journalism award for the piece, which has me blushing a pretty shade of afghan orange.

i trust the 'BS' in the heady is a quiet tribute to my very own Black Snow. thank you, frank.

in other news, i stopped by the set of tv with tv's jonathan torrens last week. they're filming season two around halifax this month and i caught a bit of the dr. unk show, where a bewigged, big-bellied, balding jonathan surprised a sheep-tranquilizer-addicted guest. it was hard not to ruin the shot with snorts of laughter - even the camera man struggled to keep the shot steady.

i missed the shooting of their community TV tribute, which featured jonathan and sister jackie torrens dolled up to interview 'local author don dattrie' (centre - actor fabien melanson) about his new novel. i swear it has nothing to do with my fiancee writing for the show and, contrary to the rumours, i haven't written j-roc into the hermit of africville. season two airs this summer...
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