Wednesday, May 12, 2010

the ajas and victor raises the church

here's a pic of victor carvery, eddie carvery's brother and co-protester, rocking out in africville. he's sitting on the steps he placed as a shrine to the church that was torn down at 3am 40+ years ago. i was down there yesterday getting a pic of victor for the hermit of africville and wanted him playing guitar (which he does as background to eddie's musings toward the end of the book) and on the site of the church. he was in africville in the summer of 1994 when he 'heard the bell' of the ghost church ringing and knew it was time to join eddie on the protest. we got a great photo and i decided to get some video while we were at it. the church, which continues to not be there, is in the planning stages, i've been told. the grand opening will happen at next summer's reuinion. we'll see.

meanwhile, i have a launch date for the hermit: saturday, july 24, in the afternoon. it'll be at the africville summer reunion, which is letting us use its tents, mics and chairs. facebook group to come...

i was at the atlantic journalism awards on the weekend, hosted by jd roberts, aka john roberts of cnn. same guy! who knew? i sat next to barry boyce, one of my competition in the best profile category and strapped on my best 'it's an honour just to be nominated' face when his name was called out. he's a great writer and there was a lot of superb journalism on display, so heck, it really was an honour just to be nominated! plus, i got a nice plaque for my silver finish.

i was with barry boisterous and cheered when, during his acceptance speech, he gave a shout out to the daily news. then, he started bashing poor metro, and i blushed and looked away. someone explained away his well-intentioned exuberance thusly: 'it's okay, he's american.' he won for his profile of huston smith, the great comparative religion writer. you can read an excerpt here. the whole experience of rising hopes, dashed hopes, and tranquil appreciation, plus probably the fact that barry writes for the shambhala sun, got me all zen. you win some, you lose some, and you get silver for some. black snow got a silver in the coast awards this year. this must be my silver year. it's a nice metal.
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