Monday, May 31, 2010

around the world in nova scotia: road warrior remount

hi friends! sorry for the blog silence lately; i didn't have anything to say.

i do now! you may recall me from such columns as the road warrior in the chronicle-herald last summer, when i travelled nova scotia sailing tall ships, exploring nuclear bunkers and losing my brains in a sweat lodge.

well, i've just agreed to do season two! after a little back and forth with my editor, trying to find a column idea that peter duffy had not done before, we settled on: Around the World in Nova Scotia.

this was my pitch:

"You probably know that Nova Scotia is home to the world's biggest blueberry, the world's biggest illuminated fiddle and the world's highest tides, but how about the world's oldest hockey stick, the world’s largest concentration of giant bluefin tuna and the world’s highest quality, best-priced Christmas trees?

"In this series, I would pursue our globe-beating claims across the province - the more outlandish, the better - and get to the bottom of each boast. Who's the competition? How hard did you fight for the title? What's it like living with the gnawing terror that some day you'll awake to find your lighthouse has been overtaken by a snap as the world's most-photographed lighthouse?"

it's still in the planning stages, but so far i plan to experience the highest tides first hand by standing/floating on them for a full rise, to go to peggys cove and count the number of pics taken of our very own Princess Dianna and i would love to dive in halifax harbour (srsly) to check out its claim to have the most water of any harbour in the world.

but i need help - do you know of any world-beating boasts in nova scotia? i'm open to anything. you can email them to me via or comment on this blog post.
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