Thursday, June 3, 2010

hermit in halifax magazine

the new edition of halifax magazine hit the streets this week. i've usually got at least one article in it, but this month i've got a 3-page excerpt from The Hermit of Africville in it.

you can buy halifax at book/magazine stores around hrm and it was included in the sunday herald earlier this week. the excerpt starts with eddie's birth in africville, the arrival of the dump and the disasters that brought, and ends with how eddie started the protest. lots of good photos too - darrell oake's portrait of eddie, eddie cooking in the camp and my shot of the protest site from a distance.

by pleasant coincidence, Black Snow also gets a plug in the magazine. heidi hallet, former owner of frog hollow book store, includes it in her list of ten recommended halfax-set novels.

meanwhile, the manuscript is in manitoba being turned into books - they should be in halifax later this month!
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