Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the queen stops by for the arrival of the hermit of africville

it was certainly nice of Her Majesty to turn up for the arrival of The Hermit of Africville yesterday. lesley choyce, my publisher, called monday night so i sped out to his place yesterday to collect the first batch of the books. after navigating the toronto-style bridge traffic i turned into eddie's place.

he and victor (and about 400 other people ) were lined up on the bedford basin shores watching the big gathering of naval ships in the harbour to mark the canadian navy's 100th birthday.

'welcome to the africville basin, queenie!' victor shouted, saluting the distant ship carrying queen elizabeth past him.

the whole royal excitement baffles me, but eddie and victor seemed pleased to see her, even if only from a distance.

the book, meanwhile, looks amazing. there is always a fear that it will have the wrong title on it, or the right title spelled incorrectly, or have the photo inverted... there are so many ways it can go wrong, it was delighted to see it had mostly gone right.

the bright blue sky on the top of the cover is eye-catching and darrell oake's portrait of eddie in front of his hand-painted protest sign is powerful.

one of eddie's many friends was there and snatched up the first copy before i'd even opened the box.

the books are making their way to book shelves across atlantic canada as we speak and i'm gearing up to try and grab some media attention in the run-up to the official launch on july 24.

if you'd like to buy an advance copy, email me at or order it from nimbus or phone 1-800-NIMBUS9.
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