Friday, July 2, 2010

read your way around nova scotia

a nice plug from the halifax library's blog this week in their summer quest to read their way around nova scotia:

"A pivotal point in Halifax's history is, of course, The Halifax Explosion. Jon Tattrie, in an interview in the Chronicle Herald, speculates about the sanitized versions of the tragedy we've been told over the years. We know about the facts and the family stories, but not of the pain, suffering and fear. He speculates that it was because it happened in the midst of a war and people may have viewed tragedy with more fortitude. In Black Snow: a story of love and destruction, Tattrie doesn't shy away from the more graphic events of the Explosion. In his novel, Tommy Joyce, recently return from The Front, is knocked off his feet by the blast and joins in the rescue effort to both provide relief and search for his lost love."

lots of other good titles there to add to your summer reading.

as for your summer viewing, i suggest you gather around the global campfire tomorrow night at 11:30pm (atlantic) on tvtropolis for 'Comuni-Teevee' on tv with tv's jonathan torrens, in which jonathan reveals the perils of interviewing an author whose book you've not read on the jen/eric show.

for a taster, watch the sad story of normal-sized man, tiny house on youtube or read today's metro interview.

PS - Tall Tales part 1 is set to run in sunday's herald, where i come face-to-footprint with the tiniest dinosaur in the world.
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