Tuesday, September 14, 2010

come meet the hermit at the library!

i ran into robbie macgregor, head of invisible publishing, in the library the other day. he had recently been in the clyde street liquor store in halifax when he noticed the man in front of him had a copy of the hermit of africville rolled up in his pocket, robbie asked him what he thought - the man slapped the book down on the counter and gave his critique to a growing audience of staff and customers.

if you, liquor store critic, are reading this, come along to the halifax north memorial library thursday night for a conversation with eddie and me, moderated by halifax magazine editor trevor adams.

here's the library PSA:

Author Reading: Jon Tattrie, The Hermit of Africville: the life of Eddie Carvery

Jon Tattrie captures the story of Eddie Carvery and his struggle for justice. When Africville was bulldozed in the 1960s under the guise of urban renewal, Eddie Carvery pitched a tent in protest. Forty years, three families, seven heart attacks and numerous attempts on his life later, Eddie remains living on the land where he was born. Join Jon Tattrie with Eddie Carvery at the Halifax North Library on Thursday, September 16 at 7 p.m.

i was down to see eddie yesterday and brought a staple gun and plastic sheeting. he's had a shed on his property for about a year and his goal this summer was to insulate it so he could spend the full winter in africville. the travelling in and out of the city takes up a lot of time when you're on foot and he doesn't like leaving his post.

the problem was getting the insulation - it's not cheap, but it's not free either. luckily a north-end halifax man read the book and got in touch to see what he could do to help. eddie suggested getting some insulation. the man delivered the goods and eddie is happily working away on his new home.

i've gotten several lovely emails from readers, including this note to eddie from a woman in ontario:

"Eddie: Thank you for sharing your story, as I'm sure it must have been
difficult to dig into the past and explore issues that you might not be proud
of. I hope that you are aware of how inspiring you are to young people like
me. I hope that you recognize your triumphs, as you have succeeded on so many levels.

"It broke my heart to read that you see yourself as a failure, I hope
that overcoming this feeling is yet one more obstacle that you will soon
overcome. As a partner in the fight for justice, I keep you in my heart and
will access your story when I need to find strength in myself and in my own
fight. Your passion for life, love, and spirituality touch me deeply."

stop by thursday to share your thoughts. books will be on sale, if you haven't gotten yours yet.
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