Wednesday, January 26, 2011

black snow review from chapters

a review of black snow by chapters spectrum (alberta) staffer Tasha Lynn Kraan: 

From Goodreads: Black Snow is a love story set during the Halifax Explosion. The 1917 disaster was the largest man-made blast the world had ever known, and it cut Halifax off from the rest of the world for the darkest thirty-six hours in its history. Rich in fact and shocking images, the story sets a blistering pace following one man's search through a ruined city for the love of his life as he confronts the wreckage of his past.

I'm not even sure how I can review this book properly. I'm not amazing with words and I think that it deserves much more than I can give it. This book wasnt just "good". It wasnt just great. It wasnt just well written. It was so so much more than all of those things. It's not even 200 pgs long and it took me a week to read it...I read it slow. I read a paragraph, or a sentence and stopped, clutching the book to my chest and drifted off. Horrified that even thou the storyline is fiction the events happened. Caught up in a description that the author had written. Put the book down to grab for my phone or computer to look something up. And to close my eyes and just feel the sadness of the entire event.

Mr Tattrie didnt just "do his research" for this book...he wrote it like he lived it. The explosion...the war...the relationships between family, lovers and strangers.

Bravo Mr Tattrie, you will be a tough one to beat in my "Top Books of 2011".

Thank you.
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