Monday, May 30, 2011

eddie carvery, action hero, is allegedly franked in Frank

so i was lying in my hammock, basking in the brief sun sunday, and reading anything i could get my hands on to while away a pleasant afternoon. i read the saturday globe cover to cover - including the business section! i then plowed through the herald, the weekend metro and scanned a few cereal boxes before settling into the operating manual for a vacuum cleaner i had thrown out two years previously.

having exhausted my reading supply, it appeared i would have to pass the rest of the day staring at the trees, when a fortuitous breeze blew a dirty copy of frank magazine into my lap. i flipped through, getting my fill of gossip and good news to see if there were any stories i could steal for freelancing, when i gasped to see a familiar face - eddie carvery, Franked into a comic strip.

FRANKTV's Roomies! tells the story of three prominent, political haligonians recently shifted off their homes - eddie carvery, evicted by the mute africville heritage trust, francesca rogier, owner of brindi the high profile biting dog, recently evicted from her unsafe home, and trevor zinck, the allegedly ethically challenged mla foreclosed out of his home.

i especially love the first photo of eddie strutting action-hero like from his exploding protest site. i started to wonder where frank got all the photos of eddie from, when i realized it was from my flikr page. it seems only fair play that i re-rip them off by posting the comic to my blog without their permission.

i won't ruin it for you, but suffice to say eddie rides to the rescue as a 'powerless little guy who's taking a stand to demand some basic human dignity after the terrible injustice done to me and my community' before having an unfortunate run in with brindi.

so people - if our beloved frank magazine is finally on board the eddie express, who are we to continue to loiter in the station? climb on board and send your email today to make sure the last eviction letter he got is indeed the last eviction letter he'll ever get.
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