Tuesday, May 3, 2011

the last africvillian gets his eviction notice

"While we respect your right to continue your protest for individual compensation for former residents and for a public enquiry, for the reasons outlined above we are not able to accommodate your wish to remain on the site.

"Therefore ... we have no alternative but to request that you vacate the site forthwith."

- Africville Heritage Trust eviction notice to Africville protester Eddie carvery, dated April 29, 2011

i've just come from seeing eddie carvery in africville and am shaking with anger. he showed me the eviction letter the africville heritage trust sent him last week - it is sickening that the last person living in africville would be evicted by the africville heritage trust board - a board entrusted with spending millions of our taxpayers' dollars to preserve the memory of africville.

imagine if, during construction, they found a cross from the original church. there would be celebrations - and photo ops for media - and it would be given a place of honour. instead, what they have is the real thing - a man who has lived in africville his whole life, who was baptized and had visions in that church, who watched the city tear it down in the middle of the night - and they sweep him aside like one more piece of trash for the dump.

eddie is calm. he's moved most of his stuff across the way so that the church can be built. he won't be able to take the little hut he spent so much time and money building last winter - the concrete foundation, the insulation to keep him warm in the cold winters. so he's displaced again. but he won't leave.

i'm posting the letter below with his permission - signed by daurene lewis, chair of the board.  read it, retweet it, repost it - turn the flood lights on so this dirty deed won't be done in the dark. if you can't make it out, read page one here and page two here on flickr. i've also posted them to facebook - go to fb and search for the group 'The Hermit of Africville - The Life of Eddie Carvery'

i'm going on the rick howe show on news 95.7 at about 640pm. tune in. spread the word.

also, you can share your thoughts with ms lewis at 902.491.4642  or Daurene.Lewis@nscc.ca.
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