Wednesday, July 6, 2011

VIDEO update from africville - eddie carvery on the return of the bulldozers

i was in africville today catching up with eddie carvery. we hadn't connected in a few weeks and in the meantime, everything went and changed. work on the memorial church started a few weeks ago and rapidly transformed the landscape. eddie's former protest site has vanished under a pile of dirt and his winterized hut is gone. the hole for the foundation for the new church is dug, chucking up some curious artifacts.

eddie seems in good spirits. he's always got one eye on the distant future and one eye on the present. the eye on the present is unhappy with the way the church is coming about - the eviction letter and lack of a glass of water from the africville heritage trust, as he puts it - but happy one part of africville is joining him after 41 years of protesting.

i had a long chat with the site foreman after talking to eddie. he was very interested to hear more about eddie's story and learn about the land he was working on. he said a copy of the hermit of africville is in his office, so at least the crew understands where they are - the old seaview park/africville divide can make for confusing geography. eddie said the crews have treated him with respect - apart from damaging his truck when they moved it.

click on the video for more of his thoughts on where things stand today. oh! and one more piece of exciting news (at least for me) - AHT has informally offered to buy eddie's old protest trailer from him (the one on the cover with the writing on it) to use as a part of the museum exhibit. as eddie says in the video, he's almost old enough himself to be installed in a museum. it's worth watching to the end for the slight blooper reel on the nature of the protest...
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