Thursday, September 1, 2011

africville church springs out of the ground

 the replica africville church is rising fast. i visited eddie carvery yesterday and though it had only been a couple of weeks was amazed at the change.

as you can see, the walls and roof are up - plus a faux chimney and a bell tower. eddie's not convinced the bell tower is strong enough to hold actual bells, but otherwise says the church is a dead ringer for the original.

a small parking area has been set up next to it - all signs point to it actually being ready to open for the new sept 25 date.

it's not a big building, but prominent - you can see it all down the bedford highway.

cbc news's shaina luck went by today for an update - it should be on the 6pm news today.

meanwhile, notice anything different about eddie? dedicated readers will see his lion's mane is gone! he's had long, wild hair since he was in his 20s and an untamed beard to go with it. yesterday, he looked like he had just turned 10. with eddie, it's always worth asking him why he does things. he's unlikely to volunteer information and generally has deep reasons.

a dear old friend of his from africville died recently - cancer, the way so many of the former residents are dying. eddie thinks it's linked to having to live next to a toxic dump.

so eddie wondered how he could show his respect for his friend - a great, quiet man. his thoughts turned to his mi'kmaq roots and the custom of shaving your hair in times of mourning. he cut his hair off for his old friend.

he is in good spirits - peaceful, content, living with one eye on today and the other on the deep future.
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