Thursday, September 15, 2011

controversy after africville trust hires white director

the new africville heritage trust director is already embroiled in scandal and has managed to anger a big portion of the black community before the church even opens its door.

in a startling piece on the front of the herald today carol nixon, who is white, faces criticism from rocky jones.

"I find it insulting to all black people," said Burnley (Rocky) Jones, a local lawyer and well-known human rights activist.

nixon replies thusly: "This is just my opinion. If there had been a candidate of equal experience to mine who was black, I would assume that that person would have gotten the job, but there wasn’t."

that's not a good start. i didn't have a good start with nixon either. i called her last monday to say hello and talk to her for halifax magazine about the progress of the church. she didn't return my phone call. i happened to run into her at the church a few days later, after i'd filed. 

she seemed rushed and didn't have time to talk. i asked if she'd met eddie carvery yet - no, she said. i pointed to him across the way and offered to introduce her, but she declined. 

it boggles the mind. 

it boggles the mind. 

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